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Frequent Asked Questions

With the changes in healthcare field due to Affordable Care Act, all providers are required by law to provide online access to the patient’s medical records. We encourage all our patients to open a Patient Portal account to access their medical records.

With Patient Portal you will be able to review your labs, request appointments, refills and referrals, and be able to send secure messages to the physicians any time of the day or night.

If you do not have an account, please contact our office and one of the staff will be happy to help you set up an account.

During your visit, our doctors would have prescribed enough refills to last you till your next visit. If you have run out of your refills and you have not been seen by our physicians, we require you make an appointment to ensure that the treatment plan is working. We do not call in refills for narcotics. For further information on our refill policy, please refer to our Prescription Policy in the Forms and Policy section of this website.

Results for most routine lab tests are reviewed by our physicians in 24-48 hours. If you have a patient portal account, you will receive the results as soon as the physician has reviewed the labs. If you do not have a Patient Portal account, please contact us and our staff will be happy to help you set up one. We no longer mail out lab results unless you have instructed us in advance to mail your results. If you have not received your lab results in 1 week, please contact us and we can follow up with the lab.

A physical is a preventive exam conducted to ensure that you do not have any chronic conditions like blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol. Even though you may feel fine, routine physical will help your doctors in identify anything abnormal and help you in taking preventive measures or treatment to ensure that you live a healthy and productive life.

It is always a good idea to ensure that the medication prescribed to you is effectively controlling your condition. During the follow up visit, the physician can determine if the treatment is working. If not, the physician may need to either adjust the dose or prescribe an alternate treatment plan.

All our physicians are specialized and Board Certified in Internal medicine. Internal Medicine focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases in adults. But we welcome anyone over the age of 5.

Although we welcome same day appointments or Walk Ins, we highly recommend that you call ahead to ensure that the physician you want to see is available and that you do not have a long wait.

If you are sick, we will see you the same day if possible. If it is for a routine visit, we ask that you call ahead to ensure that the physician of your choice is available and that you do not have a long wait.